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If you are considering starting or growing your business and considering sourcing investor finance, your starting point must be preparing a comprehensive and well motivated business plan from which a thorough understanding of your existing or proposed business, your own goals and objectives and your financing requirements can be obtained.

Specific attention should be given to four key areas: the business itself, the management of the business (the entrepreneurs involved), the market in which the business operates, the financial management, and planning – the risks and rewards associated with the total investment in the business. This also include the supporting Information Management System.

Here, at Biz Planning we provide a platform where you can do just that. We strive to simply the process by automating all the critical calculations you need to do, while guiding you and providing examples for each topic along the way. We also provide easy access to a complete standalone Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system at an affordable monthly subscription.

There is a once-off charge for the plan to be generated and it can be updated whenever needed at no extra charge during the following year. An example output document can be found here

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